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"This Power Pack for Authors is the ultimate steroid course for your writing career. It includes 9 must-have courses. This IS an amazing offer," Laurence O'Bryan, best selling author and your lead instructor.


Our Power Pack bundle also provides free access to our Author Teams program, which will empower you to put what you learn into practice, with our support and the support of other authors.

No other program for authors provides the success-focused benefits of comprehensive fast track training, promotion support and author team work.




Digital marketing is a power skill with incredible potential. What you will get with this offer is a real fast track boost to your marketing skills as a writer.

Each of the sessions included in the Digital Marketing Power Pack takes only about an hour to complete, and each hour is broken into short 3 to 5 minute bite size modules to suit busy authors. These easy to use power skills will benefit you for a lifetime.

Our Power Pack will unlock your potential. Self-publishing is a business. With our Power Pack you will be successful at it. 

Our online Power Pack for digital marketing focuses on the essential information in each area. You can see details of each course further down this page. We will upgrade your skills fast without having to stretch your bank account, or you having to waste time on any thing you don't need. This is a fast acting, ease to use system.

You can see the full details below.

Each session contains:

  • Recorded videos, which break each module into short, manageable segments
  • Discussion options, where you can ask the instructor questions, usually answered in 12 hours or less
  • The exact material taught on a $1,000 highly popular Diploma in Digital Marketing, devised and delivered by Laurence O'Bryan
  • Additional team based support services, which boost your chances of success ten fold! 
  • Easy steps you can implement fast

You can decide which modules suit you now and which you can do later. You can spread the material out as you decide. Let's hear what authors say about these Power Pack sessions:

"I have completed 3 of the sessions that came as a great value package. Great, invaluable information. It's enabled me to put together long term goals and not just short term 'knee-jerks' that invariably fail." Ian Thompson

"Packed with lots of good information." Margery Phelps

"I found it extremely easy to follow and helpful. I am following the plan." Susi Wright

You can access the Power Pack sessions, whenever you want 24/7, 365 days of the year. You can step through each of the sessions in your own time to build your skills.

Join now! Click the START button at the bottom of this page. And you are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

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This where your money will come from. The U.S. ebook market is about to boom. Independent market growth data below:

Ebook growth projection data source: Statista.

Your Session Leaders:

Laurence O'Bryan

Digital Marketing Expert, Founder

Laurence O'Bryan is an expert in digital marketing whose accomplishments include:


  • Masters in Marketing from Herriot Watt University U.K.
  • Graduate with Distinction - FETAC Training Course Development
  • U.S. Trained Course Facilitator (Integrity Selling, Phoenix, Ariz.)

Work History:

  • 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Managed teams up to 25.
  • Taught sales, marketing, and digital marketing to writers at International conferences (Southern California Writers Conference, Special Guest, 2014, Key West Mystery Writers, 2015, Sleuthfest, Florida, 2016 & the Irish Writers Center (Dublin Writers Conference 2015 & 2016.)
  • Became Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges in Dublin in 2013 and, after devising and delivering a Digital Marketing Diploma Course for three years, resigned to deliver his courses himself online.

He is also:

  • An author who has been on the inside of the publishing industry and knows how it works
  • A #1 Best Selling Author, in two categories - Mystery & Suspense in 2016
  • Short listed for Irish Crime Writer of the Year in 2012
  • Translated into 11 languages and published by the world's leading publishers, including Harper Collins & Hachette
  • Winner of the Best Novel Submitted Award at the Southern California Writers Conference 2007

And there's more...

  • Laurence founded BooksGoSocial in January 2013 to help authors get discovered
  • He has helped market over 3,500 books through BooksGoSocial over the past three years, mainly from U.S. based authors
  • He has received a long list of written and video based testimonials from authors he has helped
  • He has overseen a growth to over 730,670 in Twitter followers & manages Facebook groups & pages with over 30,000 members

A.G. Billig

Published author, radio and TV host

A.G. Billig is a published author and expert in audio and video journalism. Her accomplishments include:


  • Master's Degree in Communication and PR from David Ogilvy University
  • BA in Languages and Literature
  • Trained Course Facilitator

Work History:

  • 10 years as a radio and podcast host and producer.
  • 10 years as a PR expert for international brands in the luxury, fashion, art and automotive industries.
  • 5 years as a TV host and producer
  • 5 years as editor-in-chief in the magazine publishing industry

She is also:

  • A #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, in three non-fiction categories
  • An experienced writer, winner of several fiction writing competitions
  • An author whose short story volume was traditionally published
  • An authorpreneur who is helping other authors to build their author brand, stay confident and productive, and organize successful marketing campaigns


  • Won her first literary national award when she was 11 and finished writing her first novel when she was 15
  • Landed her first contract with a British publishing house for her debut book without the support of an agent or other players in the field
  • Created a new form of book launch event, which combines various art forms to convey the message of the book.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The Digital Marketing Power Pack for Authors:

  • Amazing practical sessions covering the nuts and bolts of Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Blogging, Podcasting & Viral Marketing.
  • FREE BONUS session on Remembering All That You Learn
  • FREE BONUS session on Empowering Modern Authors
  • FREE BONUS access to Author Teams to power your success
  • Video + Worksheet material to complete for each session
  • Discussion Forum Online for each session with answers typically within 24hrs
  • Fast track material so you are not overloaded
  • No padding, just what you NEED to learn FAST as an AUTHOR
  • Content that will fast track any author with little experience of marketing to learn how to get their book marketing right
  • Content that WILL HELP authors experienced at book marketing to fill in the gaps in what they have been doing
  • A Power Pack to drive your success with WITHOUT you needing to pay anything extra
  • A Power Pack that will set you up for long term success
  • Access to ALL sessions online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, for you to develop at your own pace
  • FAST Email Feedback through our discussion boards. We care and help authors succeed every day.

AND IT'S 100% Risk-FREE!

If your "Digital Marketing Power Pack for Authors" doesn't deliver on its promise you WILL receive a full refund. This Is A No Quibble Refund Policy within 60 days!

AND if you order today you will receive the following SPECIAL BONUS EXTRAS:

* 5 page Guide to Make Sure Your Book LOOKS RIGHT on Amazon. The insider tips and tricks to change how many copies your book sells fast!

* 14 page 7 Step Planfor Using Social Media to FIND READERS.

* 140 page Guide to Self Publishing with chapters on proofreading, formatting, cover design, and the full details on how to upload your book yourself to Amazon! Described by Glynis Smy, author of Maggie's Child as: "Saved me hours of boring work."



If you're an author who wants to see their book selling, here's why you need to act on this right now.

  • This is the golden age for independent writers to sell books
  • Insider knowledge is essential to success
  • Digital marketing is a transferable skill
  • This power pack is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a proven online marketing expert walk you through this process
  • Because of recent industry upheavals, now is the perfect opportunity for authors to market their own books

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