P.J. Mann

There are so many interesting pieces of information, which are generally overlooked not only by those who start a blog but also by those who have started and think about how to expand their visibility. The only small minus is that is focused only on Wordpress, but this is just a very small minus as that advice can be applied to most of the platforms.

Adaleza Morales

Bill Kirton

Perhaps the easiest part of writing an author blog post is the actual writing. We're writers, after all. But (judging purely from my own experience), we're not always sure of WHY we're writing or what to do with it when the copy is finished. This course fills in all the gaps, leading you through the various phases of blogging, asking and answering all those questions hovering around the process as well as confronting its technological demands. If you already have some experience of blogging, it'll fill in gaps you maybe weren't aware of and certainly help you to polish your product and make it more relevant and specific to the outcomes you have in mind. If you're at all tentative and uncertain about blogging, it's an essential read. If you consider you're an expert, it will confirm your confidence (or perhaps surprise you with its insights). Whatever your level, it's an instructive and inspiring read.

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Kinney Scott

The course helped me recognize the purpose for a blog - Thank you for the clear information

Rose English

I was pleasantly surprised when I signed up for this little course. It was in bite size pieces that you could easily come back to and finish later. I have already done some blogging using WordPress.com but this course highlighted things I had not thought to use and gave me some brilliant ideas to try out. Key things I am taking away from this are 'Titles' ~ Hook with curiosity, keep posts useful and relevant, with short paragraphs. Make the blog an extention of your books to provide value for your readers. But most of all, the first thing I will be doing is to create a content calendar. This will ensure I plan better what I will post and when. I shall start fresh and begin small with one post per week. Very highly recommended Happy Blogging https://roseenglishukauthor.wordpress.com/

Steve Leasock

Mr. O'Bryan done another fine job of presenting helpful information and tips structured within this course. The guidelines he and his team offer are useful for the novice blogger as well as for the more advanced bloggers. Mr. O'Bryan and his team do an outstanding job of providing much more than just an author promotion service platform. BooksGoSocial has built a marketing foundation build on a genuine interest and dedication to helping writers and authors. I wish to personally thank Mr. O'Bryan and his team because I sense their passion and motivation in helping writers achieve recognition as authors. BooksGoSocial are people who really care. I wish you continued success and happiness with your business and writing as an author. Best wishes, Steve Leasock

Karla Hull

The master class in blogging for authors provided clear instruction, examples, and recommendations that are essential for authors who are establishing their place in the blogosphere! It provided simple information for beginners and advanced information for those of us who have begun to blog but need to raise the bar on our blogging effectiveness. I would highly recommend this course. It is separated into short segments that provide essential information. Thanks Laurence O'Bryan for continuing to support your fellow authors!

Bhagya Chandrashekar

A great course for beginners

O'Bryan discussed several basic concepts in blogging. Now I need the discipline to get started! Thank you much.

Lisa Mackay

Having no idea what blogging actually involved, I was grateful to find this helpful, well constructed course. It answered all my questions, and gently nudged me toward my own Wordpress.com blog. The layout and delivery of this course has been worth every penny and the fact that you can complete the course in your own time, was particularly helpful to me.

Deb McEwan

This course gave me the information I needed to be able to sort out my website and plenty of great ideas for my blog. Excellent thanks.

Geoff Lawson

Colleen Busse

I'm new to blogging and discovered that I am already making some mistakes but this course provided me with the necessary tools to move in the right direction.

Very helpful. I was resistant to this idea. You convinced me of it's value.

About the Instructor

And That Free Promotion Offer

Laurence O'Bryan

Author & Digital
Marketing Lecturer

About the Instructor

And That Free Promotion Offer

Laurence O'Bryan, has been training authors, and others, in digital marketing since 2012. He is also a published author.

This course includes an offer to promote any blog post you made, about your book, free of charge for 14 days to 730,000+ Twitter followers on 14 Twitter accounts, every day, to ensure your blog finds readers. 

This is the step that stops many authors: how to find people to read your blog.

When you have completed the course place a comment with a link to your blog in the course discussion and your Twitter name so you see we do what we say. We will be notified about your comment and will set up your free Tweets. Email admin@booksgosocial.com for details of when your promotion will take place.

Laurence founded BooksGoSocial.com and this training site to help other authors get discovered.

His background includes over thirty years in sales, sales management, marketing and training.

Email: admin@booksgosocial.com with any questions.

A message for every author who wants to sell more books:


Laurence O'Bryan, author & online book marketing expert who has worked with over 7,500 authors to help them achieve their dreams.


This course will help you to:
  • Learn how to use blogging to build credibility and pull readers to you

  • Learn the best blogging techniques for authors

  • Learn the tips and tricks used by successful author bloggers

  • Dramatically increase your chances of success

  • Save yourself from wasting lots of YOUR valuable time

  • Learn how to integrate blogging into your online strategy

  • Become a master of blogging, from using Wordpress to making a reader focused editorial plan

  • Learn how to use videos and images to generate engagement

  • Know the best topics for your blog posts

  • Learn how to promote your blog

  • Gain maximum exposure for your blog

  • Use guest blogging efficiently

  • Learn how to write blog posts that will go viral

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The Master Class In Blogging

This Course Includes:

  • Video Training
  • Free Promotion for your blog
  • Discussion forum online
  • Fast track material so you are not overloaded
  • No padding, just what you NEED to learn 
  • Content that will fast track any author with little experience of blogging to learn how to get their blogging right
  • Content that WILL HELP people experienced at blogging to fill in the gaps in what they have been doing
  • Content that will UPGRADE any author's blogging expertise fast
  • Guidance on creating your OWN BLOG
  • Access to Full Course Online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you to learn at your own pace
  • Email Feedback On Your Plan, If You Take That Option

Who is Laurence O'Bryan?

Laurence O'Bryan during The Dublin Writers' ConferenceLaurence O'Bryan is an expert in digital marketing whose accomplishments include:

  • Masters in Marketing from Herriot Watt University
  • Graduate with Distinction in Training Course Development
  • U.S. Trained Course Facilitator
  • 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Worked targeting businesses and consumer sales, managing teams up to 25
  • Taught sales, marketing, and digital marketing to writers at International conferences including Writers Digest, the London Book Fair and the Non Fiction Writers' Association.
  • Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges, 2013-2016.

This is your opportunity!

Publishing has changed in the last 5 years. Retain the techniques you need that will help you succeed.

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Course curriculum

24 Lessons | Estimated duration 2.0 hours
  • 1. Welcome ( 3 Videos )

  • 2. 101 ( 1 Video )

  • 3. The History Of Blogging ( 1 Video )

  • 4. Why Blog ( 1 Video )

  • 5. Is Blogging Growing? ( 1 Video )

  • 6. Wordpress Step By Step For Beginners ( 5 Videos )

  • 7. Advanced Blogging #1 ( 1 Video )

  • 8. Advanced Blogging #2 ( 1 Video )

  • 9. Additional Post Suggestions ( 1 Video )

  • 10. Management Issues Hierarchy ( 1 Video )

  • 11. Personal Motivation ( 1 Video )

  • 12. Guest Blogging ( 1 Video )

  • 13. Wordpress.com Upgrades ( 1 Video )

  • 14. Typical Follower Growth Chart: ( 1 Video )

  • 15. Suggested Style Guide ( 1 Video )

  • 16. Editing Guide ( 1 Video )

  • 17. Ending ( 1 Video, 1 Text )