Fast Track Digital Marketing for Authors

Fast Track Basics Of Digital Marketing For Authors

taught by Laurence O'Bryan
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Jane Anstey

Fast Track Basics - a great introduction to digital marketing for authors

I had never done an online course of this kind before, and besides I am a very reluctant and inefficient and unsuccessful marketer. But this course really gave me some helpful pointers and encouragement that I too could do this DM stuff!

Phillip Lemarque

I really learned a lot. Thanks, Laurence.

Taylor Harrison

Fantastic information

Great introduction to digital marketing and the options available to independent authors.

Jane Anstey

I had never done an online course of this kind before, and besides I am a very reluctant and inefficient and unsuccessful marketer. But this course really gave me some helpful pointers and encouragement that I too could do this DM stuff!

Phillip Lemarque

I really learned a lot. Thanks, Laurence.

Taylor Harrison

Great introduction to digital marketing and the options available to independent authors.

Angelina Kalahari

Easy to follow and packed with information, tips and recommendations. I feel inspired to get going.

Daniel Side

For someone new to DM it was very informative and helpful. So much to learn!

John Spencer

As always this course was spot on.

Daylin Knight

Awesome intro series. Cannot wait to watch the other videos.

Mark Kingston Levin

Christine Keleny

Like that it was in short bits. Sometimes got a bit deep for me (lost my interest for a while because of that), but it was all good information.

Jeff Walton

Excellent intro to the digital marketing world. While I have just started to explore your site, it appears you have consolidated all of the critical areas of digital marketing into one central location. I've taken a number of other marketing cou...

Audrey Rich

This course can give an author a quick overview of what is digital marketing and that it should be part of their marketing strategy.

Thomas J Eyre

Enjoyable little course that isn't too taxing, but gives a very basic grounding in digital marketing. Considering Laurence gives this course away free, I give it 100% for value and content, even if I'd had to pay for the course it would have been...

dean hodel

This course was eye-opening in some aspects and review in others. I think the value of the course is that it presents items we all know we have to do together in a cohesive setting. As a writer, i am always looking at genre and plot. Marketing ...

Richard Rowley

I’m very impressed with I just saw a great video presentation of Laurence O’ Bryan’s “Basics of Digital Marketing for All Authors” via their website. Being a new author, I strive for anything that can help me with marketing my b...

Eliade Moldovan

Excellent course. I wrote some blogs and I am encouraged to write more as a result of watching this course. I was wondering how can I attract more readers to the blog? What I saw so far is that tweeting about the blog might attract some reade...

Dennis Cardiff

I enjoyed the presentation very much. I took notes and will apply these suggestions to my book marketing plan. I also look forward to other related courses.

anthony knight

Vince Rockston

A good, down-to-earth, non-American introduction to digital marketing, especially suitable for new indie authors who often feel overwhelmed by the need to promote themselves and the overwhelming number of possibilities.

Nickie Baglow

Laurence O'Bryan and the Booksgosocial team are mega stars for providing this helpful guide to digital marketing. It makes you think about what to do, evaluate what you are doing (rightly or very wrongly!!) and gives you expert advise on marketing...

Tracy Orchard

Loved the short chapters, this gave me time to write down headings and keywords before the talk even began. The video slide is very helpful and full of great ideas and helpful information. I thought I was getting further along the indi-publishin...

Raija Lydecken

A very good package. Thank you!

Frank Daley

Great for beginner marketers. Also learned good info on some tool I wasn't using --but will now! Especially the social media scheduling of Twitter posts and creating twitter lists.

thomas fenske

A lot of it is common sense but when one is in the heat of marketing their own work, it is easy to miss some of the common sense aspects. This is a good start to make sure you have the basics covered. Thank you, Laurence!

Debbie Stansil

The course is a good starting point for anyone brand new to digital marketing. It gives a great over view of what digital marketing is and gives a good foundation to start building up a plan to run a successful ongoing campaign.

Brendan Lloyd

I found the course relatively easy to follow and informative.This is essential marketing information that any new authors need if they want to be success long-term. I made major mistakes with marketing with my first book before I did extensive res...

Mickey Hadick

I really appreciate the solid foundation laid in marketing, and how the course quickly presented your need for an overall digital marketing strategy and plan. It's too easy to think that your amazing book will go viral on its own, and that readers...

Ashkan Farhadi

Diane De Simone

Thank you for your time and energy in putting this course together. Much appreciated!

Mary Martinez

This was a great basic course on marketing I've already done many of the suggestions. However, I did walk away with enough new information and suggestions to help with my marketing. My biggest problem is time. I would recommend this to authors at ...

Kay Latour

Very informative. Important information that every author needs.

Mia Mae Lynne

Great course. I liked the 5 minute or less sections because it held my attention. There were things that I already researched and knew but this course organized the information in a really understandable format.

John Anthony Miller

I found this course to be a fabulous overview of options and strategies, with a clear, concise presentation. Thanks so much

Linda O'Connor

Thanks so much for sharing this information! Learning the basics of digital marketing was really valuable for me. It reinforced what I am doing right but also highlighted areas (like looking at the analytics) where I need to do better. I appreciat...

Jo Macleod

Loved it, from beginning to end, it is the very thing I need to learn about the world of marketing my book. I learned how much I don't know and how much I have to learn to do for myself. I'm not a technical computer person so much of it is waaaaay...

Jeannie Van Rompaey

Concise course with factual content and no padding. Easy to follow without being patornising for beginners in this field. I particularly liked the clear Power oint type notes and the way they were explained. The presentation was business.l...

Ian Turney

A good introduction for the novice

Lawrence V Webster

I took this course and listened in total. Every page. I understand it will take lot's of work and it will pay off. What I take away from the lesson, is that I should not try to get rich, but focus and try my best to use all tools at my disposal ...

Jill Fletcher

I loved this basic digital marketing course. I highly recommend it.

Jason Myrick

The information provided was well thought out and helpful.

Julie Lence

This course was recommended by an author pal, and I'm so glad she did. Some of it I knew, but the breakdown of terminology and websites that are helpful to authors was excellent, as was the push I needed to reinstate my goals in a more effective m...

Robert Lehmann

Five stars. The concept of goal setting with accountability is amazingly similar to the steps for achieving success in the business world or even becoming financially stable. From my own experience, I have found that setting goals, perseverance wi...

Debra Dugger

As a new author not well-versed in social media, this Basics of Digital Marketing course has been immensely useful. It provides a wonderful overview of marketing tools available to authors, several of which I had never heard of.

Alathia Morgan

It was a helpful crash course on the basics of digital marketing. I have been doing digital marketing for a while now and this course still some things that I hadn't thought about or tried yet. Thank you.

Angel Medina

I found this course to be rather informative and I found out that I'm on the right track, but there is room for improvement to my marketing efforts. I recommend this course to any new author or one that might be struggling to make sales.

Michael Le Houx

I very much enjoyed and appreciated this course. It has certainly given me a great deal to think about. Many thanks. Michael

jessica adams

I thought this course was organized well. I feel it offers helpful information. Thank you very much for offering this course.

Vanessa G. Oltmann

Clear and useful introduction to online marketing for authors, from the foundations to tools. Very useful.

Juliana Bond

Thank you so much for this course, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I feel it will help me tremendously in my quest to become a recognised author. I will certainly be taking more of your courses. Like they say; knowledge is power!

Steven Ira

This was a well organized overview of the field. It produced in me a conviction that actual experience informed the material. Having come to maturity long before this new digital world, I also frequently experienced some despondency contemplat...

Lisa Mackay

This course is very well presented, giving helpful advice and valuable information to those of us just starting out in self promotion.

John Poindexter

Learned several new points for marketing books. Very interesting and self-paced to where you can stop and come back to finish. I believe it will help new authors to learn what one must do to start a marketing plan.

Crystal James

This class was very informative looking forward to doing more courses. Doing some of the criteria already but other things I haven't started doing yet but I will.

Alexie Linn

This is a step by step overview of digital marketing, as the title states. It's short, clear, and concise. An excellent beginning to pinpoint areas that I need more help with. Mr. O'Bryan speaks clearly -- I appreciate that. No high pressure, ...

Jan Graham

The course was very helpful in helping me work out the first steps of digital marketing plan for my book.

Aaron Yeoman

Well set out course with 'bite-size' chunks of information summarized on screen and elaborated upon in audio format. Some new insights and author-specific advice not found in more generic marketing courses.

Maxine Sylvester

Gives you a full background for what you will need to market your book, it will need plenty of your time, but if it is what you want then you need to put in that time and effort. I have not tried any of the paid courses, but would certainly look...

Grace Chang

I use the word "youthful marketer". I beg you get what I mean. :) I'm a youthful marketer. This course stresses on the objectives. It's so helpful. A newbie like me can easily forget to put this into consideration. Ouch, that hurts. Object...

Bhagya Chandrashekar

The course was very helpful. I am one to shy away from DM but there is such potential here, I cannot overlook. Thank you.

Brenda Anderson

Thank you! This was a lot of really good information!

Marlyn Mohs

I am a complete newbie to the DM world. Before I completed my book, I avoided social media partially because I didn't really understand it. My daughter made a Twitter for me and a FB that I still don't fully understand. So, you can imagine how out...

Lilyana Srnoguy

Very informative, right length, recommend to every author

Linda Zupancic

I appreciated this course that broke down the big picture of Digital Marketing into bite sized pieces that made sense. Then giving the next steps when I had finished digesting what had been served. Thankyou Lawrence

kristina pawliw

Concise but full of relevant information. Love these courses!

Michael Rogers

The lessons were a great general overview to help set up for more in-depth classes. I'm moving from this to Twitter and Email and can't wait!

Daccari Buchelli

This miniature course for Authors was informative and concise. The step by step videos with text and audio overlap were simple to understand and provide some great tips on marketing strategies for the modern age.

Keisha Ramdhanie

I really enjoyed this course because it was modern, relevant, and easy to understand. I look forward to implementing what I've learned!

Keisha Ramdhanie

I really enjoyed this course because it was modern, relevant, and easy to understand. I look forward to implementing what I've learned!

Jaye Marie

This is the very first on line course I have ever taken, and I found it really informative. Some of the points I was familiar with, but there was much that was news to me. It certainly gave me a lot to think about, and I am sure my marketing skill...

Colleen Busse

The information contained in this course will help many authors achieve their dreams.

Carmel Audsley

Everyone, regardless of your proficiency with digital media, can learn something from the Basics of Digital Marketing course. It is presented in an informative way, with each step explained. As writers, you can sometimes feel that the time spent...

Phil Phoenix

Having taken this course I realised how much I didn't know, and how much Lawrence knows about marketing. The value of this course is beyond what I thought and is a must for any writer who wants good solid book sales. Phil Phoenix - author of Th...

Marcel St. Pierre

Very happy with this course - glad to have had this be my first foray into the 'booksgosocialtraining' series. Laurence was knowledgeable, didn't delve into (as he says) 'flim flam' and 'jargon' and spoke with just the right amount of an Irish lil...

Laurence  O'Bryan
Laurence O'Bryan
Author & Digital Marketing Lecturer

About the Instructor

Laurence O'Bryan, has been training authors, and others, in digital marketing since 2012. He is also a published author.

Laurence was published by Harper Collins globally, and by ten other publishers in translation. His first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, won the Southern California Writers Conference Best Novel award in 2007.

Laurence founded and this training site to help other authors get discovered.

His background includes over thirty years in sales, sales management, marketing and training.

Digital marketing is an essential and easy to learn skill, which allows modern writers to find readers for themselves, in a rapidly evolving book market.

This short, free course, arranged in easily digestible 3 to 5 minute sections, will help you to master this skill fast. There are no catches. You can unsubscribe from course emails any time at the bottom of the email.

By taking our short course you will learn:

1. What Digital Marketing is, and why authors need it,

2. What a Digital Marketing & Social Media Audit is,

3. What a 7 Pillar Digital Marketing Plan is,

4. What the Digital Marketing Mix for Authors is,

5 What SMART DM objectives,

6. What the classic marketing 5Ps are,

7. How Zuckerberg's Law will affect you,

8. What Attribution Management is,

9. Why Book Marketing Plans Fail.

Here's why you need this course:

1. Understanding marketing is a key skill all authors need to ensure their efforts writing a book are not wasted,

2. Marketing is easy to learn,

3. Marketing can be enjoyable too, as you find new ways to reach readers,

4. Marketing is a key skill to help you increase the income you earn from your writing,

5. Our courses focus just on what you need to learn. There is no padding,

6. You can apply the information quickly,

7. Your course leader has been practicing marketing for over 25 years.

Your Course Leader:

Laurence O'Bryan

Digital Marketing Expert, Founder

Laurence O'Bryan is an expert in digital marketing whose accomplishments include:

  • Masters in Marketing from Herriot Watt University
  • 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Worked targeting businesses and consumer sales, managing teams up to 25
  • Became Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges in Dublin in 2013 after devising and delivering a Digital Marketing Diploma Course for three years. 

He is also:

  • An author who has been on the inside of the publishing industry and knows how it works
  • A #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, in two categories
  • An experienced writer, translated into 11 languages and published by the world's leading publishers, including Harper Collins & Hachette
  • Winner of the Best Novel Submitted Award at the Southern California Writers Conference 2007
  • Spent ten years trying to get published, until he started a blog and Twitter account in 2010
  • He got a three book deal from Harper Collins 11 months later.

Laurence O'Bryan is uniquely qualified, as a globally published author and marketing expert, to help you understand everything you need to know about using viral marketing to sell your book.

What problems do most authors face…

This course is suitable for two sorts of writers:

  1. Writers who always wanted to market their book/s but never studied marketing.
  2. Writers who have taken on board many of the ideas for digital marketing, but now want to understand more. 

If you are one of these then you will benefit the most from this practical short course. Most authors don’t understand the marketing landscape facing them when selling their books online. They struggle to understand what they can do to help a book to sell and can waste money easily. 

This course provides the solution.

What are you going to get from this course?

You will greatly increase the chances of creating a real income from selling books online to a worldwide audience. You will avoid the mistakes most authors make and improve your skills. This online course will give you the knowledge you need to understand the basics of digital marketing, fast.

Here is what some learners said about our courses:

"Packed with lots of good information," Margery Phelps.

"I found it extremely easy to follow and helpful. I am following the plan," Susi Wright.

"I'd known about Books Go Social for a while and was under the foolish impression that I'd already picked up all the necessary tips for independent book marketing. This course taught me otherwise. In a very concise and clear manner, you learn the fundamentals in a way that makes you look at how you market your books differently. I'm already planning new strategies and preparing to adjust my current ones. This is a tremendous course I wish I'd taken much earlier," Randy Anderson.

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