Elizabeth Hill

All good

There were many things I learnt in this course that I haven't thought about before - what makes content go viral is just one of them. The main thing I took from all the information is that you have to keep on top of your marketing and you have to keep it fresh. I was worried about giving away my book file and plagiarism but I feel more relaxed about that now. Excellent course to get you thinking.

Neil Waterman


Well structured and paced course. Covers a lot of useful areas, both prompting further thought and providing ideas. Also sets out the challenge facing the author, which can't be underestimated

Carey Decevito

This course came in handy as both validating that some of what I've been doing was good, and other things, let's just say would probably be going to be curbed. It was full of new, current and useful information. This course served as a refresher as well as permitted me to gain additional knowledge on how to keep "keeping on" as they say. As an indie author, perseverance is the key, there's no doubt of that, and with the use of this newly gained information, I'll be putting that tenacity to the test.

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Debbi Mack

A very thorough overview of marketing strategies for authors. The only missing component was how to use GoodReads (or LibraryThing or Shelfari) to engage with readers and promote one's work. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it would be beneficial to know where BGS stands on using GoodReads.

Sarah (Sai Marie) Johnson

I received a promo code to get the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful training course. I thoroughly enjoyed the resources provided, the opportunities to provide feedback and the vast array of information covered in the course. I would fully recommend this to anyone looking to learn more about productive methods to increase one's audience.

El-Ivan Taylor

Great training. Smoothly done and to the point without any unnecessary information. This training helps me to get and stay focus on what I need to do.

Alexie Linn

I thoroughly enjoy these short, precise classes that focus on one aspect only. The coverage seems complete. The directions are clear. All that's left is for me to take all the actions. Thank you.

Wendy Jones

This course isn't long, but it is invaluable. Every module is packed full of useful information for those new to viral book marketing. For anyone with some knowledge there are also many nuggets of knowledge which will lead to real aha moments. The basics of book marketing are laid out clearly and in enough depth to get you going. It will also act as a springboard to get your own ideas flowing. A course I could highly recommend.

Lisa Mackay

The toughest part of writing a novel, isn't the months spent face down in your laptop, it's the marketing to get your book out there. This course offers some great advice, and opens your mind to the various options available to those of us who have no previous marketing experience. Great course. Highly recommended.

Adaleza Morales

I found this course really helpful. It has a lot of useful information for non experienced Authors, who also need to be come online marketers to get their books viral. I'll recommend it!

Jeffrey Von Glahn

Clearly stated, easy to follow from one part to the next

Steve Bentley

Laurence O' Bryan's Master Class in Viral Marketing for Authors is a must if you are at all serious about selling more books. There are many aspects to the course that are beneficial. The one that helped me the most was how to set about gaining more reviews for your book. I followed the suggestions and I can say the ideas worked. This course has been instrumental in my book 'Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story' reaching #1 Best Seller status on Amazon UK within four weeks of publication. Naturally I was thrilled! Indeed I am so enamoured of Books Go Social and their courses for authors that I decided to become an affiliate partner. Why? Because I believe in Laurence and the Books Go Social ethic.

Geoff Lawson

Viral marketing for authors is very good

Paula Jenkinson

This eLearning course is an invaluable tool for any author who, like myself, may have written books but is struggling to let the world know they exist. Writing is a very isolating occupation, or it can be. It's therefore vital that in this digital age we learn to utilise these tools that are available to us. I have dedicated so much time to the research and writing of my books, but very little to marketing them. I have been living with my head in the sand when it comes to getting my work "seen" by readers and reviewers. I'm good at the writing part and can therefore concentrate easily on that, but marketing is not my bag and I have therefore neglected to dedicate the time I really should have to it. This course is concise and to the point. It spells out in simple terms, the things that are important to getting your work out there and offers advice on what to avoid. I was aware that blogging, for example, was something that other writers do, but I didn't really know much about how to go about it. There are so many practical tips and 'how to' points in this course, that I now feel much more confident in moving forward with marketing my work, and I now realise just how lacking I have been. Thank you BGS for the new knowledge and the kick up the backside that I needed. P L Jenkinson.

James Halat

I know for myself that marketing is not my forte. And I want to spend the minimum amount of time required of me on the business side of book publishing. Therefore, one aspect of the course that I really appreciate is that it is direct and to the point. No air pumped into the video presentations or in the text, no time wasted - a problem I see all too often in other training videos. This course is well laid out, simple to follow, the points make immediate sense, and the overall presentation is clear, concise, and informative. I will definitely complete my marketing plan and see how it performs over time. I highly recommend this course for indie authors looking for sharp marketing tips and an organized way to approach applying these tips.

Social Networking, an online presence has become key in getting a book published today. It’s the online CV that can make-or-break debut authors venturing into self-publishing or attempting submissions at bigger publishing houses. Going into this course I had various reservations. • What formula will work in creating a marketing campaign? • Will it be easily effective or will I need some or other basic knowledge of the internet or IT? • Being an avid social networker already - will I really learn anything new? Will it be a terrible cliché to state that I wish I had this course available to me when I started my writing journey some years back? The strategy would really have shortened my journey and prioritize my goals much faster. The course gave me an outline of topics required for exposure and summed up important points on how to start a campaign. In all, I don’t think you need to be overly technical to get by but you do need to know exactly what you want to achieve with your book. What I liked about the course: • Laurence doesn’t beat around the bush. He is very upfront about the fact that getting books out into the world is a long-term endeavor. So commitment is essential. • He gives a great outline on what will work. Keeping in mind that what you put in, is ultimately what you will get out. • He invokes a positive approach. • Plus, point - Even though I am an avid blogger and social networker – I am walking away from this course feeling somewhat rejuvenated with new ways to get my debut novel out there. So it inspires ideas. In all, this is a great course to undertake for any first-time author, for people wanting to market their products online or even just those seeking direction into starting off their ideas from scratch. It’s easily understandable, fast paced so you don’t get pinned down with info and interactive. You can list topics you want feedback on in a discussion tab whilst or after you complete the course. You get the opportunity to draft your own marketing plan and get professional feedback/ suggestion on how to proceed. All-in-all, a major win for my side.

About the Instructor

Laurence O'Bryan

Author & Digital
Marketing Lecturer

About the Instructor

Laurence O'Bryan, has been training authors, and others, in digital marketing since 2012. He is also a published author.

Laurence was published by Harper Collins globally, and by ten other publishers in translation. His first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, won the Southern California Writers Conference Best Novel award in 2007.

Laurence founded BooksGoSocial.com and this training site to help other authors get discovered.

His background includes over thirty years in sales, sales management, marketing and training.

If you have any questions please email: admin@booksgosocial.com

A Message For Every Author Who Wants To Sell More Books:



This Master Class in Viral Marketing for Authors will help you:

  • Avoid letting rejection by the traditional publishing industry stop you

  • To stop sabotaging your own marketing efforts

  • Save yourself from wasting lots of YOUR valuable time

  • Learn how to develop your own viral marketing materials

  • Discover how the viral marketing process works

  • Craft a written viral marketing plan

  • Discover the insider secrets about going viral, fast

  • Ensure you can get a maximum monthly payday from your book

  • Gain maximum exposure for your book

  • Save thousands on increasingly ineffective PR campaigns

  • Save hundreds on paid book promotions

  • Learn short and long-term solutions to selling your book

  • Discover the secret tactics that will put you on a level playing field with published authors, with a marketing team behind them!

Who is Laurence O'Bryan?

Laurence O'Bryan during The Dublin Writers' ConferenceLaurence O'Bryan is an expert in digital marketing whose accomplishments include:

  • Masters in Marketing from Herriot Watt University
  • Graduate with Distinction in Training Course Development
  • U.S. Trained Course Facilitator
  • 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Worked targeting businesses and consumer sales, managing teams up to 25
  • Taught sales, marketing, and digital marketing to writers at International conferences & the Irish Writers Center, Ireland's leading writers center, where he is now a Director
  • Became Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges in Dublin in 2013.

He is also:

  • An author who has been on the inside of the publishing industry and knows how it works.
  • A #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.



  • Laurence founded BooksGoSocial in January 2013 to help authors get discovered
  • He has helped market over 7,500 books through BooksGoSocial mainly from U.S. based authors
  • He has received a long list of written and video based testimonials from authors he has helped
  • He founded the  International Dublin Writers Conference in 2015. It features acclaimed writers from all over the world
  • He has overseen growth to over 700,00 in Twitter followers & manages Facebook groups & pages with over 50,000 members.

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Course curriculum

20 Lessons | Estimated duration 1.0 hours
  • 1. Welcome ( 2 Videos )

  • 2. How Content Goes Viral ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 3. Word of Mouth ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 4. Online Tone ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 5. Member Benefits ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 6. Networking ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 7. Social Media ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 8. Reviews ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 9. Viral Options ( 1 Video, 1 Text )

  • 10. Ending ( 1 Video, 1 Text )