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Susanne Dunlap

Really good overview of Twitter strategy

John Spencer

Succinct and helpful guide

Laurence explains how to use Twitter effectively on a step by step basis and the material is easy to follow and understand.

Louise Couper


This course was not only informative but interesting and, like a good novel, had my attention from beginning to end. I didn't click the 'resume later' button once and followed to the very end at one sitting. I plan to be a Twitter user soon. You m...

Susanne Dunlap

John Spencer

Laurence explains how to use Twitter effectively on a step by step basis and the material is easy to follow and understand.

Louise Couper

This course was not only informative but interesting and, like a good novel, had my attention from beginning to end. I didn't click the 'resume later' button once and followed to the very end at one sitting. I plan to be a Twitter user soon. You m...

Lucinda Clarke

Lots of good information here, especially fro beginners. A few more screen shots of a Twitter page / feed would have been useful, but generally an excellent course.

KuroKoneko Kamen

I found this course to be very informative. I've been using Twitter "seriously" for the past two years. And I still learned some new things by watching this course. Especially, about Twitter Moments which is a Twitter feature I haven't even bother...

el-Ivan Taylor ©®™

I like the fact that the videos were short and to the point. This made it easier to stay focused and to follow along. Also, it's good to know that I don't have to search through a long video just to find the point I left off at; I can just replay ...

Anthony Morant

I have gained a wealth of knowledge on tweeting and how it can draw the attention of diverse readers to my books, this workable tool is great for marketing.

Niamh McBrannan

I highly recommend this course, both for Twitter newbies and for those who (like me) have been using Twitter for a while, but have been missing a lot of its potential for authors. Laurence focuses on the essentials of Twitter as a marketing tool, ...

Patrick Dent

This course provides excellent information about Twitter for anyone - beginner, intermediate, or even fairly advanced.

Barbara M Webb

I enrolled In this course at a time when I launched a six hours a day writing campaign for my novel.and this lasted four to five months. As a result I kept starting and stopping the Twitter Course. This resulted in my repeating sessions thus rein...

Zara Altair

A wealth of information on using twitter to engage with authors and readers. Best tactics to use and those to avoid. Great primer.

Alexie Linn

A complete course for the beginner to the mediocre. Quick, precise, logical, pertinent and useful. Thank you.

Bhagya Chandrashekar

I hesitated to open a Twitter account. Unfamiliarity was primarily driving me to stay away from it. Having gone through this course and the potential it offers for Authors, I am into it... Thank you!

Keisha Ramdhanie

Valuable information in a short compact presentation!

Colleen Busse

A great deal of good information for the technologically challenged as well as those looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

Joanne Doucette

Excellent review of a confusing and complicated medium

Laurence  O'Bryan
Laurence O'Bryan
Author & Digital Marketing Lecturer

About the Instructor

Laurence O'Bryan, has been training authors, and others, in digital marketing since 2012. He is also a published author.

Laurence was published by Harper Collins globally, and by ten other publishers in translation. His first novel, The Istanbul Puzzle, won the Southern California Writers Conference Best Novel award in 2007.

Laurence founded and this training site to help other authors get discovered.

His background includes over thirty years in sales, sales management, marketing and training.

A Message For Every Author Who Wants To Master Twitter:

"Twitter is one of the key tools for authors to find readers these days. But it can take a long time for authors to figure out how to use it effectively. I've been using Twitter since 2009, and I've discovered that a lot of the general wisdom about Twitter is wrong. Twitter can sell books, but like many things, it's how you do it that counts,"

Laurence O'Bryan, Author & Online Book Marketing Expert Who Has Published Three Books Traditionally and Self Published Two Others, And Has Worked With Over 7,500 Authors To Help Them Achieve Their Dreams.

Introducing: Master Class In Twitter For Authors 

Featuring The Latest 2019 Twitter Interface 

This course will help you to:

  • Increase your chances of finding readers on Twitter
  • Stop sabotaging your own Twitter efforts
  • Save yourself from wasting lots of valuable time
  • Learn how to develop your own Twitter campaigns fast
  • Discover how Twitter works for authors
  • Grow your Twitter account
  • Discover the insider secrets about using Twitter to find readers
  • Gain maximum exposure for your book on Twitter
  • Learn how to efficiently use Twitter for communications
  • Learn how to efficiently use images and hashtags on Twitter
  • Learn what to Tweet for every occasion
  • Learn how to use Twitter Lists
  • Discover the secret tactics that will instantly put you on a level playing field with every published author with a Twitter marketing team behind them!

Who Is Laurence O'Bryan?

Laurence O'Bryan during The Dublin Writers' Conference

Laurence O'Bryan is an expert in digital marketing whose accomplishments include:


  • Masters in Marketing from Herriot Watt University
  • Graduate with Distinction in Training Course Development
  • U.S. Trained Course Facilitator

Work History:

  • 30 years experience in IT sales, sales management and marketing. Worked targeting businesses and consumer sales, managing teams up to 25
  • Taught sales, marketing, and digital marketing to writers at International conferences & the Irish Writers Center, Ireland's leading writers center
  • Director of the College of Digital Marketing at City Colleges in Dublin 2013-2016 after devising and delivering a Digital Marketing Diploma Course for three years. 

He is also:

  • An author who has been on the inside of the publishing industry and knows how it works
  • A #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, in two categories
  • An experienced writer, shortlisted for Irish Crime Writer of the Year in 2012
  • Translated into 11 languages and published by the world's leading publishers, including Harper Collins & Hachette
  • Winner of the Best Novel Submitted Award at the Southern California Writers Conference 2007 


  • He spent ten years trying to get published, until he started a blog and Twitter account in 2010
  • He got a three-book deal from Harper Collins 11 months later
  • He earned out his advance in foreign rights sales before his first book was published
  • He sold the option for his first book to a Hollywood production company
  • He was paid for that option and for the option to be extended

Laurence O'Bryan is uniquely qualified, as a published author and marketing expert, to help you understand everything you need to know about using Twitter to sell your book.

And there's more...

  • Laurence founded BooksGoSocial in January 2013 to help authors get discovered
  • He has helped market over 7,500 books through BooksGoSocial mainly from U.S. based authors
  • He has received a long list of written and video based testimonials from authors he has helped
  • He founded the Dublin Writers Conference in 2015. It features acclaimed writers from all over the world
  • He has overseen growth to over 750,670 in Twitter followers & manages Facebook groups & pages with over 30,000 members

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The MasterClass in Twitter:

  • Video Training in each aspect of Twitter for authors
  • Discussion Forum Online
  • Fast track material so you are not overloaded
  • No padding, just what you NEED to learn FAST
  • Content that will fast track any author with little experience of Twitter to learn how to use it right
  • Content that WILL HELP people experienced at Twitter to fill in the gaps in what they have been doing
  • Content that will UPGRADE any author's Twitter expertise fast
  • Access to Full Course Online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you to learn at your own pace.

AND IT'S 100% Risk-FREE

If "Master Class In Twitter For Authors" doesn't deliver on its promise you WILL receive a full refund. This Is A No Quibble Refund Policy!

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  • Publishing has changed in the last 5 years. Learn the techniques you need that will help you succeed
  • The market for ebooks is booming 
  • Learn the best ways to use Twitter to attract loyal readers
  • Avoid the pitfalls of "The Book Marketing Moneypit"
  • Get your story to the front of the line for readers.
  • Find your perfect readers
  • Discover what Twitter strategies and messages you need to sell your book.

And, last but not least, we are a Partner Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors, the leading independent author association in the world and adhere to their Code of Conduct, verified & enforced to ensure authors get value for money from service providers.

Course Contents

18 Videos
1 Text
1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

Twitter Is Digital Marketing
Twitter Intro
Twitter Intermediate
Growing Your Twitter Account
Twitter For Communications
Twitter Images And Tags
Advanced Twitter
What To Tweet - The 4 Quadrants
Who Is Online Now
Twitter Ads
Twitter Moments
Twitter SWOT Analysis
Final Session