Review by Nadine Maritz

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Online marketing has become key in getting a book published today. It’s the online CV that can make-or-break debut authors venturing into self-publishing or attempting submissions at bigger publishing houses.

Going into this course I had various reservations.

  • What formula will work in creating a marketing campaign?
  • Will it be easily effective or will I need some or other basic knowledge of the internet or IT?
  • Being an avid social networker already – will I really learn anything new?
  • Will it be a terrible cliché to state that I wish I had this course available to me when I started my writing journey some years back?

The strategy would really have shortened my journey and prioritize my goals much faster. The course gave me an outline of topics required for exposure and summed up important points on how to start a campaign. In all, I don’t think you need to be overly technical to get by but you do need to know exactly what you want to achieve with your book.

What I liked about the course:

  • Laurence doesn’t beat around the bush. He is very upfront about the fact that getting books out into the world is a long-term endeavor. So commitment is essential.
  • He gives a great outline on what will work. Keeping in mind that what you put in, is ultimately what you will get out.
  • He invokes a positive approach.
  • Plus, point – Even though I am an avid blogger and social networker – I am walking away from this course feeling somewhat rejuvenated with new ways to get my debut novel out there. So it inspires ideas.

In all, this is a great course to undertake for any first-time author, for people wanting to market their products online or even just those seeking direction into starting off their ideas from scratch.

It’s easily understandable, fast paced so you don’t get pinned down with info, and interactive. You can list topics you want feedback on in a discussion tab whilst or after you complete the course. You get the opportunity to draft your own marketing plan and get professional feedback/ suggestion on how to proceed.

All-in-all, a major win for my side.

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