The International Dublin Writers’ Festival

Since 2015 we have welcomed writers to learn, network and improve their craft. Our mission is to help writers excel and to provide opportunities for writers to learn from key industry professionals.

Dublin is a World Heritage City and home to some of the most famous writers. This event is an opportunity for all writers, everywhere, to connect with the literary culture of Dublin and to learn from experts and peers from around the world. Join us.

Writers, both aspiring and experienced, are all welcome.

Our speakers are renowned, highly-experienced, published authors, and world-class experts in writing craft, publishing and book marketing. This festival provides practical support, valuable training and an opportunity to get to know fellow writers and industry professionals through our online communities.

Embracing the future, we encourage writers to explore all aspects of story and non-fiction through our private online community of speakers and attendees.

Focused On Helping Authors & Aspiring Authors

Our marketing sessions for writers will show you how you can find readers in a rapidly changing world. Our writing craft sessions will help you broaden your writing skills.

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Please note that we adhere to a code of conduct for the protection of all attendees and staff. See that code here.

Why join us?

  • Experience world class training sessions on writing craft and digital marketing for authors

  • Sessions are delivered by speakers who will give you the inside track

  • Enjoy connecting with fellow writers through our online communities

  • This unique conference will motivate and inspire you to reach your goals as a writer

  • We are a proud partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors Association and adhere to their code of conduct in all our services

  • We can guide you with personal support for your writing journey if you need it.

What authors have said about this event:

Elizabeth Thom, American book publicist.

“Packed with great information I can use daily as a writer, editor and publicist.”

Nora Skehan, Irish sci-fi & fantasy author.

“A very comprehensive event, reasonably priced too.”

Art Johnson, American musician and writer.


“An inspiring event.”

Catherine DeVrye, best selling author, Sydney, Australia.


“Exceeded all expectations-Free from hype and full of practical information.”

JJ Toner, full time independent author, Dublin, Ireland.


“This was really special. The speakers were amazing. Can’t wait for next year!”

Barbara M Webb, independent author of 2 travel books, Quito, Ecuador

“This event demonstrated professionalism and a great choice of sessions! I highly recommend it.”

Interaction: There will be an opportunity after each talk to engage in our online community with other attendees and speakers.

Bonus Content

Extra Session 1

Inspiring Myths: Using Irish Mythology and Folklore in your Creative Writing Practice with Eilish Fisher

Extra Session 2

How to Make $10K or More With Your Book Without Selling a Single Copy with Lori Anne Rising.

Extra Session 3

Writing Diverse Characters with Deborah Dixon.

Panel 1 – What It Takes To Win As A Writer Now

Laurence O’Bryan,  author & Founder of the Festival, will talk about the online advertising options for authors. 

Alex McGilvery, author & editor will talk about owning your story. It’s been said all stories have been written, so how do we craft a tale which stands out?

Gerald M. Kilby, #1 selling global sci-fi author will discuss the practicalities of outlining a novel and the impact (good and bad) it can have on your writing. 

Danielle Hampson, will present on New Media Book Marketing in the 21st Century. New technologies continue to evolve at a fast pace making it difficult for authors to keep up with them and acquire a thorough understanding of how these new tools can be utilized to enhance the exposure of their work to the book buying public. Danielle Hampson, a publishing industry podcasting pioneer explains the “Who, What, Why, Where, When and How” of incorporating audio & video in 21st century book marketing strategies and utilizing social media effectively. And she does in plain and simple English!

Panel 2 – Get Ready For Success

Chris Rush, author, paranormal investigator, Horror Writers Association member and chair of the Horror Writers Association – Ireland Chapter, Emma Ennisauthor, screenwriter and reviewer, Dr. Sarah Clearyhorror academic, consultant and creative director at Deadly Doses on writers who want to begin the journey, or are already journeying towards publishing their work and some of the obstacles they may encounter along the way . Although directed mainly towards horror writing there are some valid points that can be applied by an author of any genre. Main points discussed include: the importance of writing for yourself and not censoring your voice; sources of inspiration and applying them to your writing; Marketing techniques and the resources out there that can help a writer network, learn and most of all get people interested in their work.

Aileen Castellano, Author and Life Coach will present “Writers Block 911…Creating Creative Breakthrough When You Hit A Wall.” What keeps us in the state of creativity? This session will provide 5 Tips and Steps that will keep the ideas flowing including breakthrough exercises you can straight away.

Kathleen Reardon, professor, writer and artist will talk about “The Bridge from Nonfiction to Fiction Writing”. Kathleen addresses what she calls the “false dichotomy” between nonfiction and fiction. She explains how writing nonfiction often provides a readiness and much preparatory work for fiction. If you’ve been thinking about branching out as a writer, but you’re wondering if experience in one form precludes writing in another, Kathleen has some freeing thoughts to share.

A.G. Billig, writer, author coach, founder of Self-Publishing Mastery, will teach us how to “Write More, Stress Less. How to Increase Your Productivity and Thrive as an Author Using Mindfulness”. You’ve put long hours into your novel until you’ve squeezed out the last drop of inspiration, yet you’re far from typing “the end.” Or maybe you have an amazing first chapter, but writer’s block makes you stare in frustration at the next blank page. In both scenarios, stress robs you of your innate creativity and the joy of pursuing your passion. This session is designed to help you thrive as an author, be more productive, and fully enjoy the writing process. It will empower you to become a better writer and give you the mindfulness tools to stay healthy and always be connected to your muse.

Richard Bradburn, professional editor and literary consultant will speak about How to Self-Edit.

Interaction: There will be an opportunity after each talk to engage in our online community with other attendees and speakers.

Panel 3 – The Writers’ Journey

Niamh Campbell, Author and Sunday Times Best Short Story Winner 2020,  the richest prize for a single short story in the English language. Niamh will speak on Cultivating a Sense of Self Belief. Her debut novel This Happy from Weidenfeld and Nicolson is out now.  

Rikard SommerNorwegian thriller author, will talk about developments in Nordic fiction.

Peter Hildick-Smith will give us tips on “Judging a Book by Its Title”. We live in a meme economy. Today’s consumers are offered thousands of media choices weekly – and effortlessly make browsing, even buying decisions in seconds based on little more than a phrase and image. Book buyers are no different – the latest research confirms a book’s title and cover presentation are the meme or message that can determine its browsing and sales fate. Peter Hildick-Smith, founder of book audience research firm Codex-Group, presents the latest results on how U.S. book buyers choose the books they buy and read, and how authors and their publishers can more effectively win their interest.

Conor Kostick will show us the way to “Sustaining an immersive, consistent voice“. In this session, Conor looks at a fundamental issue: the voice of your narration. Drawing on his years of experience as a tutor at the Irish Writers Centre, a judge of literary competitions and commissioning editor, he will highlight the most common pitfalls that can marr even the best of stories and in particular, explore how and when to use an omniscient voice.

M.G. Crisci will try to convince us “There is No Such Thing as Writer’s Block!“, showing us how to use true stories and events to build a critically-acclaimed library of books you can be proud of.

Alexandra Sokoloffthriller author & screenwriter will talk about how to write your best book or script using the Three-Act, Eight-Sequence screenplay structure and other visual and storytelling tricks from film writing.

Peter Miller, the ‘Literary Lion’, literary agent and President and CEO of Florida-based Global Lion Intellectual Property Management (formerly PMA Literary & Film Management Inc. of New York). will talk about “How to Sell Your Book to a U.S. Literary Agent.”

Ivan O’Brien, Publisher at O’Brien Press. O’Brien Press is Ireland’s leading independent publishing house with over 1000 books published, many of which have gone on to international success. Ivan will talk about “How to Get An Irish Publisher to Publish Your Book”.

Andréa Fehsenfeld will talk about “Adaptation 101. Does your novel have the potential for TV?” Andréa is an award-winning TV Producer and writer with experience developing and delivering over 200 projects for Fortune 500 companies, major networks and global advertising agencies.

Binnur Karaevli will talk about “The challenges of adapting books to TV and Film: From Page to Screen“. Binnur will discuss the importance of preserving the “spirit” of the source material as opposed to literal adaption and the steps involved in the adaptation process. Binnur is a writer, producer and director who has produced series for Netflix among others. 

Matt Knight, intellectual property lawyer, fiction writer, and author, will talk about copyright, one of most important legal concepts a writer should understand. It protects creative works from exploitation by others without permission or fair compensation. This tutorial covers twelve basic facts about copyright law to help writers understand this form of intellectual property and the protection it provides.

Panel 4 – Preparing For Our Readers


Michael Russell will talk about the creation of the particular ‘world’ that is the distinguishing feature of every piece of fiction: “Brave New Worlds”. In fiction we interrogate character, plot and theme at length, though few great writers share contemporary ideas about these things. Storytelling styles change. What’s constant, is the creation of unique ‘worlds’ readers can explore. It’s the heart of every story. There are no rules about how to do it, so how does it work? Michael is a Sunday Times bestselling author with an extensive background in television drama in Britain and Ireland, including The Bill, Heartbeat, Midsomer Murders and A Touch of Frost. 

Steven Jamesaward-winning novelist, will give a talk about Status: How to Create Three-Dimensional Characters. Multi-dimensionality for all characters (including antagonists and protagonists) depends on varying their status. Characterization is brought out by showing how a character acts in relationship to other characters. Learn how to understand the dance of submission / prominence that every relationship has and how situational, positional and relational status affect every character in your novel.

Catherine Kullmann, Irish historical fiction author, will describe how to bring the past to life so that our readers make the leap with us, and how she uses research in the process.

Heather Richardson, writer and lecturer,  will talk about Teaching Creative Writing Online. Heather Richardson draws on the Open University’s expertise in teaching Creative Writing online, and considers the benefits for teachers and learners in a post-COVID world.”

Anne Janzer, award-winning author, will talk about Intentional Incubation. You know how great ideas hit you when you’re walking or showering? That’s the incubation effect. We’ll talk about how to get more of it in your writing process.

Dr. Nita Mishra is a development practitioner, researcher and lecturer on international development at University College Cork. Nita will speak about Diversity and Inclusion in Poetry.

Wendy H. Jones, author of police procedurals, humorous & YA mysteries & children's books & a book marketing podcaster & President of the Scottish Association of Writers, will speak about How to get started in Writing Books that Children and Teenagers will Love.

Interaction: There will be an opportunity after each talk to engage in our online community with other attendees and speakers.

Panel 5 – Finding Readers & Reviewers


Dave Chesson, creator of, will talk on How to Get Your Book Discovered on Amazon in 2020. There are key things authors can do to best position their books in front of Amazon shoppers. But the real question is what are those things and what can you do about it? In this presentation, we’ll not only cover that, but also give you key insight into what Amazon is really doing with your book.

Marguerite Tonery is the founder of Tribes Press. Marguerite wrote five books, the first three of which she self-published before establishing Tribes Press. Marguerite will speak about self-publishing. 

Judith Barrow, writer and author, will talk about organising a book fair, with a connection to the blog for the publishers and on interviewing authors with an online TV company.

Mark Schaefer, author, speaker, business consultant, will talk about KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age. Mark is also the author of eight best-selling books including “The Tao of Twitter” (the best-selling book on Twitter in the world), “The Content Code,” named by INC. magazine as one of the Top Five marketing books of the year. 

Tanja Slijepcevic, Operations Manager at BooksGoSocial, the main sponsors of the conference, will give a talk on Pay Per Click advertising for book promotion.

Allie Marieretired U.S. law enforcement officer and author of the True Colors paranormal series will speak about setting up and managing your own email newsletter.

Catherine DeVrye will talk about “Resilience for riters – and others who can’t spell“. Catherine DeVrye is the author of 9 books, including 3 best-sellers translated into over a dozen languages; and her memoir nominated for the Australian Biography prize. She’s also had multiple rejections and was expelled from English in high school so describes herself as an accidental author with minimal literary skill who specializes in persistence and resilience-on both a professional and personal level…which she’ll share with us.

Martina Carrollauthor and lecturer at University College Dublin, will give a talk about “A World on Fire: making sense in the 21st CenturyAs a psychologist, who has worked with artists in distressed communities in Ireland, Martina will speak about the current crisis facing Western Civilisation.

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