Podcasting for Authors

Master Class In Creating Podcasts That Sell Books

taught by A.G. Billig
Vishnu S

I need to start podcasting!

I'm an author and have a blogging platform. I had no idea how effective podcasting can be. Listening to the course was helpful. The biggest help was realizing that it's not that hard to get started podcasting. It's really a step-by-step course for...

Vishnu S

I'm an author and have a blogging platform. I had no idea how effective podcasting can be. Listening to the course was helpful. The biggest help was realizing that it's not that hard to get started podcasting. It's really a step-by-step course for...

A.G. Billig
A.G. Billig
Best-selling author, audio and video journalism expert

About the Instructor

I am a best selling author, audio and video journalism expert, PR and communication expert keen on using my skills to help indie authors reach wider audiences.

I started writing fiction when I was eight. My first book, a short stories collection, was traditionally published in 2012.

I have a BA in Languages and Literatures (English and French) and a Master's Degree in Public Relations and Communication.

For the past ten years, I presented and produced radio and TV shows. I was also involved in building awareness and driving sales for various international brands as a PR expert.

I believe that connecting with people and reaching global audiences through the Internet are the highlights of being an indie author in the 21st century.

I was born in Romania (Dracula's country) but am currently spending my time in Dublin and Los Angeles.


A Message For Every Author Who Wants To Sell More Books:

"In 2016, Libsyn.com, one of the major podcasting services, reported 3.3 billion requests for downloads. Imagine the difference this could make to your book sales if only 1% of these downloads came from people listening to your podcast!

You Can Learn How To Create And Publish An Audio Podcast, Fast, With This Course.

I Wish This Course Was Available When I Was Starting Out,"

Laurence O'Bryan, Author & Online Book Marketing Expert Who Has Worked With Over 3,500 Authors.

Here's the situation you are in:

You don't know how to cost-effectively create and publish an audio podcast to get your book out to a wider audience.

And you know that the tools and the opportunities exist to do this because some other authors are getting this right.


Trying to figure out how to do all this the right way is a nightmare if you don't have a reliable guide.


There are many high-cost courses, claiming expertise in creating a podcast, but you need to find something that delivers on its promise, at a reasonable price, which has been designed for authors who need to create a podcast at a low cost.

You need to know the insider secrets of creating a podcast that sells books from an author who has actually done it. Someone with a solid background as a radio and podcast host and producer, as well as in digital marketing.

And you need to be sure of who this person is, what they have done, and how this will help YOU as an author.

Introducing: MasterClass In Creating Podcasts That Sell Books

This course will help you to:

  • Create the first episode of your podcast FAST
  • Learn how to build a podcast that GROWS your reputation and business
  • Learn how to create compelling episodes that will get people to BUY your books
  • Learn how to MONETIZE your podcast through various income streams
  • Save yourself from wasting lots of valuable time
  • Learn the secrets of the best radio hosts in the world
  • Speak accurately and clearly in front of a microphone
  • Awaken the podcast host within you and HAVE FUN with it
  • Create entertaining and appealing content for your podcast
  • Create a timeline for your podcast
  • Discover the insider secrets about audio podcasting
  • Learn how to promote your podcast to get people to download it
  • Gain maximum exposure for your book by podcasting
  • See a BOOST to your writing career & income
  • Discover the secrets of a successful podcast that will instantly put you on a level playing field with major players in the audio podcasting such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Mark Dawson, Joanna Penn, Lewis Hughes, and many more.


A.G. Billig interviewing Brian May (Queen)

at The London Book Fair, April 2016

A.G. BILLIG is a published author and expert in audio and video journalism. Her accomplishments include:


    • Master's Degree in Communication and PR from David Ogilvy University
    • BA in Languages and Literature (English, French)
    • European Trained Course Facilitator
    • Translator - Interpreter Diploma

Work History:

    • 10 years experience as a radio and podcast host and producer.
    • 10 years experience as a PR expert for international brands in the luxury, fashion, art and automotive industries. In this fast-growing and challenging field, she created and implemented successfully communication strategies aimed at increasing awareness and driving sales.Podcast design and management, media relations and content marketing are her three top skills.
    • 5 years experience as a TV host and producer
    • 5 years experience as editor-in-chief for glossy and lifestyle magazines

She is also:

    • A #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, in three non-fiction categories
    • An experienced writer, winner of several fiction writing competitions
    • An author whose short story volume was traditionally published (MP Publishing, UK)
    • An authorpreneur who is helping other authors to build their author brand, stay confident and productive, and organize successful marketing campaigns


  • Won her first literary national award when she was 11 and finished writing her first novel when she was 15
  • Landed her first contract with a British publishing house for her debut book without the support of an agent or other players in the field
  • Created a new form of book launch event, which combines various art forms to convey the message of the book. 200 hundred people attended.

This is why podcasting is so important:

A.G. Billig is uniquely qualified, as a published author and audio journalism expert, to help you understand everything you need to know about creating an audio podcast that sells your book.

And there is more...

  • A.G. Billig interviewed over 100 top people in arts, entertainment, self-improvement, business. Among these, Brian May, Steve Vai, Neale Donald Walsch, Geshe Michael Roach, Paul Martinelli, Chris de Burgh, Elloa Atkinson, Catherine DeVrye.
  • She is a contributor to various media outlets in Europe and the U.S. on topics related to self-publishing, self-improvement, and healthy life - style.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The "Master Class In Creating Podcasts That Sell Books"

This Amazing Course Includes:

  • Video Training
  • Discussion Forum Online
  • Fast track material so you are not overloaded with material you DON'T need
  • No padding, just what AUTHORS NEED to learn, FAST
  • Content that will fast track any author with no or little experience of podcasting to learn how to get their podcast right
  • Content that WILL HELP authors experienced at podcasting to fill in the gaps in what they have been doing
  • Content that will UPGRADE any author's audio podcasting expertise fast
  • Guidance on creating your OWN PODCAST
  • A PLAN you can work WITHOUT needing to pay anything extra
  • A PLAN that will set you up for long-term success
  • Access to Full Course Online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you to review
  • You can take this course when you want
  • No deadlines for completion
  • Email Feedback On Your Podcasting Plan, If You Take That Option
  • Please see the list of modules further down the page for even more detail!

Total Retail Value: $199 - for the basic course - without the Feedback!

AND IT'S 100% Risk-FREE!

If "Master Class In Creating Podcasts That Sell Books" doesn't deliver on its promise you WILL receive a full refund, This Is A No Quibble Refund Policy!

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If you're an author who wants to see their book selling, here's why you need to act on this right now.

  • This is the golden age for independent writers to sell books
  • Insider knowledge is essential to success
  • This course is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a proven expert walk you through the podcast making and promotion process
  • Because of recent industry upheavals, now is the perfect opportunity for authors to market their own books with a podcast

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This is your opportunity!
  • Publishing has changed in the last 5 years. Learn to create a podcast that will help you succeed
  • The market for ebooks is booming from self publishers
  • Learn the best ways to use your book to attract loyal readers
  • Avoid the pitfalls of "The Book Marketing Moneypit"
  • Get your story to the front of the line for readers.
  • Find your perfect readers by podcasting
  • Discover what podcast content you need to sell your book
  • Podcasting is one the most engaging and fun ways to market your book. Do not miss out on this course!

This Master Class covers the latest tools for fast tracking your audio podcasting abilities. In the course the latest little-known details about creating, promoting and monetizing a podcast, suitable just for authors, will be explored as well as how to use audio podcasting to become a successful author.

Attendees who enroll in the feedback option will have an opportunity to share their first podcast episode with us, and receive feedback by email.

The first episode of your audio podcast that you will create as part of the course will be based on the course material and exercise contained within the course.

This first episode will be a key output worth many times the cost of the course!

And, last but not least, we are a Partner Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors, the leading independent author association in the world and adhere to their Code of Conduct, verified & enforced to ensure authors get value for money from service providers.

Course Contents

21 Videos
18 Texts
4 PDFs
1 Download
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Research - Your Objective Comes First
Research - Pick A Niche Market
Research - Tasks
Prepare - The Editorial Plan / Theme And Timeline
Prepare - The Editorial Plan / The Interview Techniques
Prepare - The Identity Package
Prepare - Tasks
Record, Edit, Publish - Recording Preparations
Record, Edit, Publish - Necessary Tools
Record, Edit, Publish - The Recording Tools
Record, Edit, Publish - Editing Tools
Redcord, Edit, Publish - The Editing Process
Redcord, Edit, Publish - A Few Rules On Editing
Redcord, Edit, Publish - The Radiography Of An Audio Podcast
Redcord, Edit, Publish - Publish Your Podcast
Redcord, Edit, Publish - iTunes Best Practice Tips
Record, Edit, Publish - Tasks
Promote And Monetize - Spread The Word
Promote And Monetize - Monetize
Promote And Monetize - Tasks
Final Session